Why Partner with Plymouth Legacy?

Plymouth Legacy anticipates that the Town of Plymouth, MA will experience a fourfold increase in visitors who will come to experience the historic 400th anniversary. In 2020, Plymouth will be on a national stage and will project an image of America to international dignitaries and tourists. To support this year-long celebration, the Town is investing in infrastructure improvements to provide a safer and more welcoming environment .

Given its direct proximity to many significant sites and Plymouth’s historic harbor, Water Street is a key focus of enhancements being made in preparation for 2020. Improvements are already underway to accommodate this great event.

But still more could be done to reinvent Water Street into a world-class waterfront promenade that will also provide long-lasting value for years beyond 2020. A long-standing and overarching goal is to expand the visitors’ experience to incorporate education and reflection into the visit.

Where do you come in?

The Town is soliciting your interest in being a partner with the Town to help fund the creation of the Water Street Promenade.

We have the opportunity to create a series of public spaces featuring waterfront pavilions in prime locations situated on our historic and naturally beautiful harbor. With your support, these features will enhance visitor experience by providing shading, seating, entertainment space and new opportunities for historic interpretation.

The Promenade project has an anticipated cost of $17 million and thus the level of sponsorship we are seeking is substantial, although we are grateful for all levels of commitment.

We know you see and believe in the enhancements to Plymouth’s waterfront and hope you will partner with the Town in supporting this undertaking in time for 2020, becoming a part of the national story and a centerpiece in the Plymouth Legacy organization.

Plymouth Legacy is looking forward to meeting with you to discuss the benefits of sponsorship.


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